skiboarders1Water sports and sports in the water can do. Especially in sea water sports and water sports as a way of distinguishing Water skiing and the other from the rear of a motorboat with a rope in hand to set up a sail, and it took a slippery surface that is water sports.

skiboarders2Usually the water-skiing, two feet on the back of the plate mounted on the ski, 30km / h to sail around to get pulled into a motorboat slip. With some exceptions, such as water pulling them flight, and advanced to barefoot water ski without a slip in the case.

The ride to the vertical water skiing, snowboarding on the water similar to a more extensive binding to a single plate with both feet and sideways a fixed seat, water skiing off a wave designed to be built larger than the motorboat Wakeboarding is attracted to be done. Other than water skiing tricks and more variations to be in Japan in the 2000s water-skiing population and the population will surpass competition. In the 1980s, a wave surfers have been attracted to the boat on the water played a theory that the origin SUKAFA. In addition, from wakeboarding to shorten the length of board feet that has not been fixed wakeskate is also popular in recent years.

skiboarders3Water skiing is very similar to a rope attached to a raft of other people were in a motorboat with a draw is the water slide, slip in the grip of the rope to hand control (handling) is not What is usually a water-skiing are distinguished.